Dodgers Fan Arrested In Cincinnati Stadium Was Banned Six Years Ago

Every professional team has their own super fan. The Los Angeles Dodgers may have discovered theirs in Troy Sexton–who was banned from Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati six years ago. Sexton is a super fan, though, so that didn’t stop him when the Dodgers were in town to play the Reds. Sexton went to the ballpark and proudly…well, made some threats that got him arrested.
According to a police affidavit, Sexton was saying that he wanted to “shatter lives”. It is apparent that Sexton, who lives 200 miles away from Cincinnati, wants attention and wants to be near his favorite team. The problem is that he has already done things that ban him from doing the very activity he enjoys so much.
This story isn’t going to end well for Sexton especially if he finds himself in jail for a long time due to his actions. He already has a number of charges against him in his home state of West Virginia. The Dodgers would love to distance himself from this fan as soon as possible and probably will soon enough.

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