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The Guy Who Had Sex with a Pool Toy Had Sex with a Pool Toy Again


Edwin Tobergta

An Ohio man who faced charges of public indecency for having sex with a pool raft has been arrested on charges of public indecency for having sex with a pool raft.

Edwin Tobergta of Hamilton, Ohio went back to prison after someone witnessed him conducting some lewd behavior with an inflatable pool raft in public while he was still on parole for his other lewd conduct charge. Both cases featured Tobergta outside of his home either partially or completely nude engaging in what reports described as “simulated sex” with an inflatable pool toy. We’re assuming they are saying simulating because that’s the only kind of sex you can have with a pool raft unless a sex toy company makes a blow-up doll that doubles as an emergency raft for sudden Mile High Club water landings.

The truly crazy part is that he’s only been out of prison for less than a month. He got out of the joint on May 17th for his previous charge related to when he did the horizontal, manufactured plastic mambo with a “summer pool float.” He admitted to the judge in his court statement that he has “mental issues” and that he was “ready to get my life together and quit all this nonsense” before he received his prison sentence.

This will be the eighth time Tobergta’s been arrested, and at least two of those previous arrests involved him getting it on with a pool toy. We’re sure the story will officially start getting less funny and more sad when he’s arrested around the 20th time or so.

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