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Michael Keaton is a Superhero Again in This “Birdman” Trailer [VIDEO]



Michael Keaton is returning to the movies to play another superhero==but not in the traditional sense. It’s for a new dramatic film called Birdman.

Keaton plays an actor who once had a thriving career in film as the star of a series of comic book movies about a hero called Birdman but when the public lost interest, the offers stopped coming and he slunk into obscurity. Now he’s mounting his big comeback by staging a Broadway play and the film explores his attempt to overcome the stigma of being a washed up actor and show the public that he can still blow away audiences, even if he’s not wearing a pair of wings and a mask.

We have to admit. When we first saw the poster for the movie, we thought we were finally getting a movie about Harvey Birdman: Attorney at LawThen it turned out to be a serious movie that used a fictional superhero for a dramatic story and we were a little disappointed. However, we’ve watched it a couple of times now and we’re even more excited to see this thing. It’s got this interesting mesh of serious dramatic tension mixed with comic book movie styled special effects that seems to serve as an interesting bridge between what this poor guy is going through and the memories he has of his heyday. It looks like it will have some serious pull come Oscar time if the movie can actually back up its already impressive trailer.

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