Half of College Grads Still Get Money Sent From Home



Not every college graduate is making it out there on their own. A new study from the University of Arizona found that just about half of those with a college degree still get money from their parents to help meet their most basic needs.

This lack of financial security isn’t just making it hard for college graduates to compete in the workplace or start paying off their massive student loans. It’s also becoming a big drag on the economy. The lack of steady income means they have to put off getting married or having kids because they can’t buy a big enough home. In fact, this uncertainty about their economic future is leading to a decrease in people who say that marriage or owning a home is on their to-do list for the foreseeable future.

If this rate keeps up, it’s going to have a very negative impact on the housing market and subsequently on the economy, which is already struggling to rebound from the recession we just had. Will someone in charge please get on the ball and #*$&ing fix this thing already?!?

Here’s another possibility no one has considered. This might discourage future generations from going to college. If the jobs aren’t there for people with college degrees or enough with livable wages, why would you waste your time going to college? Where would you be if you didn’t have memories of drunken keg parties and late night hook-ups to remember during your daydreams? Where would you be if you didn’t have a degree that you can proudly hang on your wall? Sure, you’d probably be less hungover and less broke but that’s besides the point.

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