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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Peter Dinklage


20 Things You Didn't Know About Peter Dinklage2

Happy birthday to the biggest bad-ass to ever grace our television screens–Mr. Peter Dinklage. Dinklage turns 45 years young today, and his career is sky-rocketing even more with each year that passes. From his humble beginnings in New Jersey to his current legendary status as Tyrion Lannister on Game Of Thrones, this guy never fails to impress us.

And yet maybe you didn’t know that Peter Dinklage was born in New Jersey. Well, there’s still a lot to know about Dinklage. A lot of people only discovered The Dink via Game of Thrones, after all. Check out 20 things you (or maybe just people who aren’t as smart as you) didn’t know about the amazing actor…

Peter Dinklage was born on June 11,1969 in  Morristown, New Jersey. We might have mentioned New Jersey. His parents are John Carl and Diane Dinklage. His father was an insurance salesman and his mother taught music in elementary school. He also has an older brother who is a violinist.

Dinklage has German ancestors related to the ancient noble family von Dincklage from Lower Saxony. Is it just us or does that sound kind of Games Of Thrones-ish?

Dinklage has been a vegetarian since he was 16, and actually eats tofu when he’s required to eat ‘meat’ on screen.  He’s been quoted as saying,”I wouldn’t hurt a cat or a dog–or a chicken or a cow. And I wouldn’t ask someone else to hurt them for me. That’s why I’m a vegetarian.”

Dinklage has achondroplasia, which is a common form of dwarfism that occurs as a sporadic mutation in most cases.

Peter Dinklage made his debut in 1995’s Living in Oblivion–which was a pretty cool indie movie about the stupidity of making indie movies. Dinklage stole the show with a rant about lazy directors using dwarves in dream sequences.

Peter Dinklage does not comb his hair. In his Reddit AMA, he claimed that he doesn’t own either a brush or a comb. So now we all know the Dinklage secret to amazing hair.

Peter Dinklage has a toddler daughter named Zelig–which is also the name of a Woody Allen movie, and we’re thinking that it’s kind of rude that the Woodman hasn’t cast The Dink in a film yet.

Peter Dinklage was George RR Martin’s first choice for Tyrion Lannister, and didn’t even audition for the role. In an interview with Salon, Dinklage explained why he accepted the job: “I told him [Martin] I didn’t want a really long beard and pointy shoes, and they assured me this character and this world wasn’t that. They told me about his complexity, the fact that he wasn’t a hero or a villain, that he was a womanizer and a drinker, and they painted a flawed and beautiful portrait of him, so I signed on.”

Peter Dinklage does not watch Game of Thrones because he does not pay for HBO–which is just so Tyrian, right?

Dinklage has a dog named Kevin-which is a genius dog name. It’s hard to miss The Dink walking that guy around Manhattan, too.

Dinklage used to be in a New York City rock band called Whizzy. They were kind of nu-metal, but we wouldn’t say that in front of Mr. Dinklage.

Peter Dinklage and his brother did puppet shows for their neighborhood in New Jersey, and we bet that he could draw a pretty good crowd in NYC if he brought that back.

Dinklage has a scar running from his neck to his eyebrow, due to an onstage accident while performing at CBGB with his band.

Peter Dinklage scar

On his first day of college, Peter came dressed in tights and a woman’s velvet cape. Because Dinklage is the man.

Peter Dinklage is the only Game of Thrones cast member who is American. This is news to a lot of people–including some anonymous editors here at COED.

Peter Dinklage received a degree in drama from Bennington College, so it’s not like he just stumbled onto this kind of thing. That also explains the velvet cape.

We once asked Vin Diesel if he knew what he had in common with Peter Dinklage that drove the girls crazy, and Vin gave an answer that we probably shouldn’t reprint here–but then we said, “It’s the voice,” and Diesel nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s true.”

Vin Diesel Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage’s favorite bar in L.A. is Lava Lounge–which has sadly been shut down. Now we’re pondering if Dinklage could’ve ever gotten “too turnt” at the lounge? We know Tyrian would have.

Dinklage has taken a lion ring from the set of Game of Thrones. We’d say “stolen,” but they probably let him have it.

Peter Dinklage has certainly had a more incredible career than anyone could’ve expected–but he probably still regrets taking that job playing Dr. Simon Bar Sinister in 2007’s Underdog

Peter Dinklage Underdog


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