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Winnipeg Kids Pull a “Watch_Dogs” on an ATM Machine



Some future Aiden Pierces out there figured out a way to hack into an automatic teller machine (ATM) and the truly amazing part is what they did after they broke into the thing.

Two ninth grade students, Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon, stumbled upon a full proof way of getting into a Bank of Montreal (BMO) ATM machine during their lunch hour and it didn’t involve a custom built algorithm delivered through a firewall protected cell phone or anything that sounds like it came from the pages of a cyberpunk novel. They got the ATM machine’s operating manual. They found that the machine had a default password and just for kicks, they decided to input it to see if it would actually work.

Much to their surprise, it did. They not only had access to every last drop of cash in the thing, but they were also able to access the machine’s operating system, which means they could make the thing do their bidding. They could drain every last ounce of money from it and no one would be the wiser, especially the banks who clearly weren’t that wise in the first place.

So what did they do? If it were you or me, we’d probably stuff our pockets with cash until our pants buckled from the weight and spent it all on strippers, alcohol and strippers made of alcohol. They took the high road. They left the money in the machine, got into the operating system and left a note on the screen that read “Go Away. This ATM Has Been Hacked.”

They also called the branch manager of the bank that owned the ATM machine to let them know of their major mistake. The branch manager rewarded them for their honesty by giving them a note that they could give to their teacher letting them know that they were late because they were “assisting BMO with security.” That’s not nearly enough of a reward for what they’ve done. They should have just given them all the money in the machine. Chances are they are just going to lose it again.

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