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Bros Want to Bring the World the “Bro Bong” [VIDEO]


bro bong

A couple of enterprising buddies are finally harnessing the awesome power of Kickstarter for something that we can all get behind: an easy-to-install beer bong.

Matt Opalski of Chicago, Illinois created a Kickstarter page for what he calls “The Bro Bong.” It’s a lightweight, attachable shelf that holds three beer bongs at once. All you need a door frame, a six pack of beer and some very thirsty friends. He’s actually created an ingenious method of beer bonging. The shelf that holds the beer bongs is made from acrylic plastic so it’s lightweight and lights up in the dark. It looks like a beer bong from theĀ Tron world if the programsĀ decided they wanted to throw a kegger and forget about their master objective for a little while. The bongs are all the same length and sit right next to each other so you can race your friends in your never ending quest for alcoholic supremacy. It also attaches to any doorframe so you don’t need friends to hold the thing up for you. It’s like an Iron Gym for binge drinkers…

Opalski wants to take his idea to the global marketplace and he needs $22,000 to do it. So far, he’s only raised just over $500. We can do better, people. If you’re willing to shell out a few bucks and a few minutes of personal shame for funnels and plastic tubing at Home Depot, you can shell out a few more to make this dream beer bong happen.

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