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Air Conditioning Dooms LeBron James During Game 1 Of NBA Finals



There are many things that can change the outcome of a NBA game. That now includes air conditioning, since it seems that things got heated enough to give LeBron James some sever cramps during Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night,. We think that really cost LeBron’s teammates in the Miami Heat, who lost to the San Antonio Spurs 110-95. Yep, at least partly because the air conditioning was not working inside the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

The temperature in the arena reached over 90 degrees by the end of the game. NBA officials, however, say that the conditions were just fine because both teams were dealing with it. It did hamper James, though, and he had to drop out of the game–even as sports writers everywhere rejoiced over getting to write a lot of dopey headlines making puns about the Heat. Yeah, get it?


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