Super Bowl 50 Will Be Number Instead Of Roman Numeral

Super Bowl 50

Through the existence of the Super Bowl (or at least since Super Bowl V in 1971), a Roman numeral has been used instead of the game’s number. That will change for Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, with the league deciding it will stick with the number “50” instead of the letter “L.” That’s going to be weird.

The league is claiming that the “L” by itself wouldn’t work, and “isn’t as pleasing on the eye”. The Super Bowl will go back to roman numerals for Super Bowl LI the following year but there was really no reason to change it up now. The roman numerals are part of the game and everyone knows what the letters come out to in number form so why not have a Super Bowl L logo with the number 50 somewhere if it was going to be a huge problem?

Change always happen– but this one didn’t need to occur for the biggest yearly sporting event in the world. Super Bowl L would have been just fine with us.


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