50 London Hooligans Tried To Jump Cam’ron At A Show [VIDEO]


A few weeks ago we let you know that Cam’ron had returned to old form with the release of his newest single/music video “Dipsh*ts.” It looks we were right–because Cam’ron had to cancel a Tuesday night show in London after around 50 people showed up trying to jump him. Yes, you read that right: 50 people. Cam’ron. London. Fight. This is such Vintage Dipset I can’t get over it.

The problem is that this is just the most recent unfortunate event in a series of mishaps for The Diplomats in London. Back in 2003, Cam’ron failed to show up for a performance. In 2008, Juelz Santana was robbed of his chain and then cancelled a performance.

The issue seems to stem from a longstanding beef with UK promoter Mega Man who claims that allegedly Cam’ron owes him money from his earlier no-show. We don’t really know who to believe but both sides have been sounding off about the event on Twitter.

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