“Watch_Dogs” Game Has A Cameo From Comedian Aisha Tyler

The new Watch_Dogs game has a special cameo appearance by Aisha Tyler–comedian, star of Archer, host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and fellow game head.

We discovered this fun little gem in the virtual diamond mine that is Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs, the highly anticipated, open world video game about a Chicago hacker who can control an entire city with his smartphone. It happens close to the beginning of the game during a mission in which you’re tracking the niece of a witness who can bring down the game’s hero Aiden Pierce. Throughout the game, you use your phone’s profiler to identify the people who pass by you and as you are trying to find the niece in a glass building, you’ll see and hear the comedian talking about technology just as you enter the building. It’s easy to miss her if you’re in a hurry so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. Chances are you’re probably already doing that with a game as rich and detailed as Watch_Dogs.

Tyler’s cameo may have been a nice surprise in a game that’s already full of surprises but the reason for her cameo wasn’t one of them. She’s a hardcore, old fashioned gamer just like the rest of us. She’s the regular host for Ubisoft’s E3 conferences, one of the few high paid celebrities who actually knows what she’s talking about and why she’s there. She’s probably sniped your sorry ass more than a few times back when you first starting playing Halo.

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