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What’s On Tap: Red Brick Brewing’s Hoplanta Indian Pale Ale



Even beer lovers like me need a break from beer. Blasphemy I know, but it’s true. After these breathers, I start searching for a beer that is not over the top, or overpowering, but one that just nails it. I need a beer that is full of flavor, and refreshing, so this weekend I reached for a great choice. This weekend Red Brick Brewing’s Hoplanta American Pale Ale is What’s on Tap!

Founded in 1993, Red Brick Brewing is located in one of the current brewing hot spots of the US: Atlanta. Whether it’s their well-known amber ale, Laughing Skull, or the incredibly tasty Hoplanta IPA, Red Brick Brewing is known for their consistent, drinkable beers.

Overall, Hoplanta is a solid beer–from its golden yellow/amber color, to its well balanced flavor, Hoplanta is all about drinkability. You aren’t going to be overpowered with any of the individual flavors but the mixture of pine, citrus, and bread (from the malt) intermingles perfectly. If you are looking to try a new IPA without too much bitterness, look no further than Hoplanta.

I am pairing this brew with one of my favorite comfort lunch foods, a bacon, lettuce, tomato, and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich on ciabatta bread. So here’s to the weekend and a damn drinkable IPA!


By the Beer Professor JW Faulkner @EngProfJW

Beer Stats

Style: Indian Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6.2%
Bitterness (IBUs): 61
Color (SRM): 13
Color: Hazy Golden Yellow / Amberish
Hops: Cascade, Apollo, Calypso, Crystal

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