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Victim of Fraternity Hazing Loses His Testicle, Bros Indicted


Ohio College Student Fraternity Testicle

Police at Wilmington College have charged 14 people with participating in a fraternity hazing incident that sadly ended with a 19-year-old student having a testicle surgically removed. The event happened around Halloween and occurred at Gamma Phi Gamma’s house. The student, Tyler Lawrence, was struck with a towel in the groin area and has since then gone emergency surgery because the towel severely damaged one of his testicles. Poor, poor guy.

The whole incident sounded pretty much like the worst hazing one ould endure. Lawrence and other blindfolded pledges had to crawl around the basement, which was filled with 3 feet of water. They were then forced to eat bananas soaked in vinegar and were told that they were, in fact, eating excrement. While they had to eat “excrement,” they were being struck with the towels. That’s when everything went nuts-too soon?

Sue the hell out of these dudes, Tyler. Losing your dignity is one thing but losing one of your balls, well that’s a whole other story. We’re guessing that no one’s going to want to be pledging Gamma Phi Gamma anytime too soon, probably because the fraternity has been kicked off campus until at least 2019. Also-just some unsolicited advice from us: always cup your  nuts when you know you’re entering a hazing situation, just to be on the safe side…

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