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OSU Football Player Faces Armed Robbery Charges


osu football

An Oklahoma State University football player is facing some serious charges of armed robbery–oh, and shooting with intent to kill.

Police arrested freshman player Devon Thomas along with three other suspects in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in connection with a robbery that happened last Tuesday. The unidentified victim told police that four men approached him and Thomas shoved a gun in his face. They ordered him to give them everything he had on him including his money, shoes and a stash of marijuana and ordered him to leave. As the man left, one of the suspects fired a round from a gun into the rear windshield of the victim’s car. If robbing a guy while you’re on a football scholarship sounds stupid, it gets worse. The guy knew all the suspects and identified them for the police. All four were eventually picked up and charged. Thomas denied his alleged part in the robbery and is being held on a $125,000 bond.

The timing seems to be a little odd on this one considering the debate that the country is finally having about whether or not we should pay athletes, some of whom are literally going to bed hungry. We’re not saying that Thomas’ alleged mistake is an example of that debate because we don’t know all the facts yet. If anything, it shows that maybe we’re not focused on what’s important when it comes to student athletes. Just what kind of education are they actually getting if they think that robbing a guy they know in their hometown is a smart idea?

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