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Lance Stephenson Blows into LeBron James’ Ear [PICS, GIFS, + MEMES]



Did you miss the absolutely amazing Finals game last night? The Pacers pulled out an epic win against the Miami Heat and Paul George scored 21 points in the final quarter alone. What was the best part of the game, though? That would be when Pacers player Lance Stephenson was sensually blowing into LeBron James’ ear. Respect, Stephenson, respect.

Also, let’s not forget when Stephenson wandered into a Heat huddle--and when he basically didn’t feel like getting off the ground after falling. Is this guy the biggest troll in the NBA right now? We think so, and we’re loving every moment of it.

As one would assume, the Internet has gone absolutely wild over the blowing incident. Check out the gif below, as well as a few of the memes already made…










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