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Harry Potter Is Now Starring In A Rom-Com [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.58.27 PM

“I just had sex and I’m about to eat nachos–this is the greatest moment of my life,” declares actor Adam Driver at the start of this trailer for the romantic comedy What If. The film also stars Daniel Radcliffe (ya know, Harry Potter) and seems to be all about the big question we ask at some point when we’re friends with a member of the opposite sex–can we actually be just friends, or is there something more? In this instance, Radcliffe is playing a med-school dropout who’s trying to woo an animator played by actress Zoe Kazan.

From the short trailer, Adam Driver seems to really be stealing the show as the hilarious best friend of Radcliffe’s mopey British protagonist. The movie comes out this summer, and you’ll probably have to go with your girlfriend. Check out the trailer below…

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