15 Most Terrifying Airplane Takeoffs and Landing GIFs That Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again

airplane takeoff scary

We all know that statistics show that flying is the safest method of transportation, but that doesn’t stop most people from being scared sh*tless when they step onboard an airplane. It’s a combination of things: the fear of the unknown, the media’s coverage of all things plane crash-related, and the fact that you can be flying at 40,000 feet when all of a sudden your plane feels like it’s dropped hundreds of feet.

The good news, though, is that you’re perfectly safe because airline pilots are highly skilled/trained individuals who want to live just as much as you do. So when you see these absolutely terrifying GIFs of planes taking off and landing in some extremely hairy scenarios, remember that everyone here lived to fly another day.

Are these GIFs scary as hell? Yes. But you’ll need to face your fear sometime. Might as well do it from the safety of your chair where you don’t have to pay $8 for a beer.

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