New "Star Wars" On-Set Video (And Contest Announcement) [VIDEO]

The first on-set video from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII has arrived–and we guess that we’ll get a lot of these, but it’s still exciting to see footage of a new Star Wars creature. Especially one that’s such an old-fashioned creation. That is a new Star Wars creature, right? Our apologies if we’ve met before. The important thing is that it looks like J.J. Abrams is looking to do plenty of social media to promote the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII, and that warms our geeky hearts.
Also, the video is for a good cause. This is part of a promotion for a contest to win a role in the new Star Wars movie. You just have to make a donation to the┬áStar Wars: Force for Change Foundation –dedicated to “find[ing] creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.” Like, it seems, how to get into the new Star Wars movie. We’d like to know the D-list actors pondering a quick donation just to get that on their filmography. Anyway, enjoy this fun video, and savor┬áthat little thrill before you remember how much fun the Star Wars prequels were…

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