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“Godzilla” Rules Box Office: We Have His Next Monster Foes [VIDEOS]


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Godzilla had a monster $38 million opening day Friday, positioning it to take in close to $100 million for the weekend.  The film is getting solid reviews with 73% on Rotten Tomatoes62 on Metacritic, and a B+ from Cinemascore, so look for word of mouth to be strong over the coming weeks.

During his storied, 60-year history, Godzilla has battled a lot of giant monsters from Mothra to King Kong, and there was even a treatment written for a Batman vs. Godzilla movie, but there are some he hasn’t done battle with at all. How do you think Godzilla would match up against these giant monsters from more recent cinema history?

The Jaegers & Kaiju of Pacific Rim

Last year’s Pacific Rim was one of the most fun summer flicks in a long time, and owed a huge debt to Godzilla. How would he fare if he had to battle the giant jaegers or massive kaiju Guillermo Del Toro and his team dreamed up for the film?

 Big Man Japan & its Strange Monsters

The 2007 Japanese mockumentary Big Man Japan is an imaginative and fun film from Hitoshi Matsumoto that has some of the craziest giant monsters ever devised. Could these comical inventions hope to stand a chance against Godzilla?

The Cloverfield Monster

This one is unique, because the Cloverfield monster could distract Godzilla with the nauseating power of shaky cam! Seriously though, this thing sheds tiny monsters like nobody’s business. Will that be enough to overwhelm Godzilla?

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

One of the most iconic creations of the 1980’s, Ghostbuster‘s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man deftly combined comedy and terror. Would this massive confectionary creation do anything but disintegrate following a punch from the King of the Monsters?


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