Whats' On Tap: Surly Brewing, Three Floyds Brewing, and Real Ale Brewing's BLAKKR

This past weekend I took a trip to DC for one of the most anticipated craft beer exposés of the year, SAVOR! As a beer lover and writer, SAVOR was a dream come true. It’s a weekend that consists of trying different brews all paired with equally awesome small plates. On Friday I had the brew I enjoyed the most–a brew that’s actually the product of a three-brewery collaboration. This weekend, BLAKKR is What’s on Tap!

BLAKKR is an imperial black ale that Surly Brewing brewed in collaboration with Three Floyds Brewing and Real Ale Brewing. I was fortunate to have this brew on cask, which made the brew’s flavors and combination really standout. I was expecting this brew to have an earthy smokiness to it, but on first smell I picked up a lot of citrus (pineapple – in a black ale!?). On the first sip I was blown away with the flavor combination; there is a candy coco sweetness which pairs with a typical IPA-like hops and bitterness as well as citrus. Despite the beer being almost a 180 from my expectations it is an awesome brew! FYI – BLAKKR is a limited release and has already hit markets, if you come across it, buy immediately.

This weekend I am pairing some BLAKKR with grilled chick thighs. I made a spicy vinegar-based marinated that I will be using as a baste throughout the grilling process. The initial sweetness of BLAKKR followed by the hoppy bitterness provides the perfect flavor profile for the spicy sauce. Here’s to the weekend, my SAVOR adventure, and to a great collaborative brew!

Beer Stats

Style: Imperial Black Ale

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 9.99%

Bitterness (IBUs): 85

Original Gravity: 22 Plato

Color: Black

Hops: Bittering – Warrior, Aroma – Simcoe, Centennial

Yeast: English Ale

Malts: Pale, Carafa Special, Oats

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