Somebody Turned Their Home Into a Star Trek Mansion and It's for Sale

A lavish mansion in Boca Raton, Florida has several rooms that the owner decorated with a Star Trek theme. It’s now on the market and it can be yours if you’ve got enough scratch to cover the down payment. [Photography by Andy Frame]
This $35 million home belonged to someone with a hell of a lot of money and taste for all things Star Trek because he turned the lounge area into what appears to be an homage to Quark’s bar from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the private movie theater into the bridge of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The rest of the home has rooms that just look like the typical Florida mansion that a wealthy real estate developer or a bloodthirsty drug kingpin might decorate. There’s also an arcade room, a library, a full gym, an outdoor basketball court and a massive pool. You can probably guess which parts of the house where the wife let her husband decorate their house.
They are both pretty impressive for replica rooms. They not only have the look and feel of their set counterparts but they are also look just as functional as the actual technology from the shows. The theater room, for instance, has touch screens built into the desktop consoles. So it probably feels like you’re piloting a spaceship even if you’re actually just pulling up episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix. We really hope that they’re not showing us some secret Holodeck in the basement or at least a special room where strippers appear on command.
Senada Adzem is the listing agent on the home. Complete information can be found at:

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