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CW’s New Fall Shows: First Look at The Flash & More… [VIDEOS]


the flash

Another network rolled out its lineup of new shows for the fall and The CW has taken one of the more diverse approaches by offering a mix of action packed guy shows and romantic chick schtick.

The most recognizable show on The CW’s fall TV listings will be their small screen remake of DC Comics’ The Flash. The show seems to be pretty faithful to the comic book character’s origins as a weird crime scene investigator named Barry Gordon becomes the world’s fastest man after he’s struck by a strange bolt of lightning in his laboratory. The first season seems to be setting up a showdown with the Weather Wizard who may or may not have been responsible for the death of his mother while he was a young boy. If anything, we’re looking forward to an awesome team-up with the network’s other superhero star Green Arrow.

Of course, The CW also has shows that you better get used to watching if you want to stay with your girlfriend. Their newest is called Jane the Virgin and don’t get excited because it’s not the kind of romantic block of entertainment that your male mind hopes it is. It’s about a young woman living in Miami who’s been saving herself for the right guy all of her life when her doctor accidentally inseminates her. Naturally, this turns her plans around a bit as she decides whether or not to keep the baby and how she’ll explain such a screw-up to her family and her fiance. If you ask us, she should be describing it to her lawyer.

The CW is also planning on rolling out two more shows for their midseason schedule. They include a sci-fi series called The Messengers about a group of New Mexico residents who are witnesses to a mysterious falling object that gives them special powers such as super strength and the ability to heal, and a horror series called iZombie about a woman who is half-human, half-zombie and works in a coroner’s office to quench her need to eat brains as well as juggling a complicated personal and family life. Think of it as My So-Called Life but with people who are way paler.

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