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The Internet Thinks Miley Cyrus’ Knee Looks Like Seth Rogen [PHOTO]



Some genius posted a picture on Instagram and pointed out that Miley Cyrus’ knee kind of, vaguely, sort of looks like it could be Seth Rogen. We’ll cover anything and everything Miley, so we had to jump on this. What’s really great is that both Miley and Seth have acknowledged the picture and resemblance. Thanks for being good sports, guys.


Sometimes the Internet runs wild with these sort of things. Wouldn’t it be nuts if some part of Seth Rogen happened to look like Miley Cyrus? We kind of doubt that, though. Maybe this will become the next big thing, body parts that look like people. It’s almost as fun as imagining other people with Kim Jung Un’s haircut.  At the end of the day, we’d much rather watch Miley twerk than just look at a picture of her knee though. Here’s a few pictures to remind you of how hot she is (regardless of the fact that her knee might look like Seth Rogen…)

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