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Rihanna Mocks 16-Year-Old Fan For Dressing Like Rihanna



One of the top rules for being famous should always be to never make fun of your fans. They’re the reason that famous people are famous. Without fans, any celebrity status is null and void. Well, someone should remind Rihanna about this, because Ri Ri recently decided to publicly mock one of her 16-year-old fans over Twitter and IG (Instagram–or in this case, perhaps it stands for ignorant.)

The pop singer made fun of 16-year-old Alexis Carter after photos of her prom dress began to go viral. Alexis had crafted a dress that was influenced by a 2010 fashion statement by Rihanna. You might remember the bizarre winged outfit. Alexis’ attempt at the same look was praised at the prom. Once the photos started circulating on the web, however, everyone was quick to make fun of the girl–including Rihanna herself.

That’s a pretty big blunder for a singer who was just being celebrated for her charity work. Check out Rihanna’s very uncool commentary below, and feel better knowing that the diva has finally been flagged as inappropriate for something besides flashing her breasts…









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