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FOX’s New Shows Star Rainn Wilson, John Mulaney, Will Forte [VIDEOS]


new fox shows

All the networks are starting to roll out previews and announcements for their new crop of shows. FOX unleashed a bunch of trailers for some of the shows they plan to air in the coming months that star some familiar names such as Rainn Wilson, John Mulaney and Will Forte.

The one that immediately caught our eye was a single camera comedy featuring Forte, the former Saturday Night Live star and actor from the Oscar nominated Nebraska, as The Last Man on Earth. The trailer is most intriguing. It just features Forte as an unrepentant slob named Phil Miller who becomes just what the title of the show implies. The trailer features him going through his day and enjoying all the perks of not having to answer to a job, a boss, a nagging wife or even another living human being.

Next up is Mulaney, a multi-camera sitcom starring stand-up comic John Mulaney as, well, a fictionalized version of himself and his wacky friends. It doesn’t sound cutting-edge but it’s an interesting move for FOX to take since there hasn’t been many successful Seinfeld-esque sitcoms lately aftere shows like The Office and Parks & Recreation completely changed the TV comedy landscape.

Speaking of The Office, Rainn Wilson is back on television as a gruff, miserable police detective in a show called Backstrom. He’s basically House if he had a massive self-loathing complex and thought even less of his fellow man. It sounds like a perfect role for Wilson as kind of a grown-up Dwight Schrute with a raging pattern of self destruction. It feels like it could be another Rake if it doesn’t immediately find an audience but it’s made for someone like Wilson. So it probably has a slightly, better shot than Rake did.

The rest of FOX’s new shows include a crime drama called Gracepoint starring David Tennant and Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn, a DC Comics’ spinoff called Gotham about life in Batman’s home city before he became the Dark Knight, a dramatic isolation drama called Utopia and a historic fiction drama about the Egyptian empire called Hieroglyph.

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