Cleveland Browns Draft Johnny Manziel, NFL Mocks Him On Twitter

The NFL Draft began Thursday night, and Johnny Manziel waited to see where he’d begin his pro career. It was a long wait for Manziel before he was taken by the Cleveland Browns–with the No. 22 pick nearly three hours into the draft. That pick came after Cleveland traded back up four spots in the draft to pick up Manziel. It also came after the NFL Twitter feed decided to join in the fun of a few Manziel Twitter trends. “#BeforeManzielGetsDrafted” was kind of funny, but the NFL went with this…

NFL Sad Manziel Twitter

Manziel had said in the past that any team that passed on him would regret it. Well, there were plenty of teams who decided against taking Johnny Football. He can go into the league now with a massive chip on his shoulder trying to prove all his doubters wrong. Manziel may not be able to start proving things in the 2014 season–but when he does finally get on the field, the excitement level around Cleveland is going to go up in a very big way. (And maybe now he’s freed up enough time to go to the birthday party for his Miss COED pal Lauren Hanley, yeah.)

Cleveland hasn’t had a winning season in quite a long time, and there will be a lot of pressure on Manziel to turn the franchise around. It will be worth watching to see if he can live up to the high standards that fans will surely have for him. Right now though, Manziel can sit and watch the end of the draft knowing his final destination.

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