Chris Hemsworth Could Be Starring in a New “Lethal Weapon” Reboot

Lethal Weapon is an iconic action film that had a great sense of humor and inventive twist on the cop movie long before a couple of needless sequels and an endless stream of imitators ground the franchise into dust. However, Hollywood’s not done ruining a good thing just yet because it appears that they want to remake the original and put Chris Hemsworth in either the Mel Gibson role or a Mel Gibson-ish role.

Reports indicate that the movie would be a cross between a remake and a reboot of the first movie that first paired GIbson and Danny Glover as the suicidal Martin Riggs and the short tempered Roger Murtaugh. Hemsworth would either player the son of a great, renegade cop who decides to join the force or just another incarnation of the wild-eyed cop in a completely new version of the movie. We’re pretty sure that he won’t be playing the son of the actual Riggs because neither Gibson or Glover will be involved with the new project. Gibson said in a 2012 interview that he wasn’t interested in doing another Lethal Weapon movie and we’re sure Hollywood isn’t terribly interested in casting him because his new-found level of crazy has really hurt his star power at the box office…

Even if Gibbs and Glover were involved, couldn’t Hollywood just leave well enough alone? It’s one of the few perfect buddy cop movies in existence and even if Hemsworth is capable of doing a good job, it still won’t be as good as the original destructive duo. But maybe if they bring in Jake Busey as the kid of Gary Busey’s loco assassin from the first Lethal Weapon? That’d get us interested.

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