Burger King Plans to Bring Burgers at Breakfast

There’s been a war brewing over breakfast in the fast food industry. Taco Bell fired the first shot by entering the fray with their brand new breakfast menu leaving staples like McDonalds and Burger King with a reason to worry that their biscuit and bacon empire might take some hits. Burger King may have found a way to fight back by offering their line of flame grilled hamburgers in the morning.

The fast food chain wants to roll out a “Burgers at Breakfast” line that will allow customers to purchase their burgers, chicken sandwiches or whatever lunch and dinner menu item they desire during the breakfast rush. It’s true. There could come a time that you can pull up to a BK drive-thru window with a hankering for a Whopper even though it’s 9 a.m. and you can actually order one without the person running the window thinking that you don’t understand concepts like time. Of course, they aren’t the first fast food chain to make such a move but they would be one of the biggest to make such a bold, flame grilled step in this direction. This leaves some of the other chains with an interesting move to make. If they do the same, they’ll just look like they are copying Burger King and if they don’t, they could lose customers who have a hankering for a burger at breakfast.

Of course, offering a “breakfast burger” might sound odd to some people but if burgers are any kind of an effective hangover cure, Burger King may just have a mini-goldmine on their hands.

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