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Prestigious Schools Won’t Make You Happy, According to a New Poll



Do you know someone who goes to a more “prestigious” university than you? Do they constantly throw this fact in your non-Ivy League face? Now you have something to throw right back at them besides a glass of beer or a fist. A new poll suggests that going to a top-tier school has no effect on how happy of a life you’ll have after college.

Gallup and Purdue University interviewed more than 29,000 college graduates from various schools to check up on their lives and how they were doing. Only 39 percent reported to pollsters that they felt they were “engaged” with their primary work and only 11 percent said that they felt they were “thriving” in certain areas of their lives such as financial security, physical health and relationships. The odd part is that the findings didn’t indicate any kind of trend in terms of the kind of school that the graduates went to before they entered the workforce. Therefore, a person’s happiness isn’t a reflection of the level of prestige of their alma mater. The people who went to Harvard and Yale were just miserable or happy as the people who went to less prestigious institutions. We’re sure that the student loan epidemic probably has more to do with it but we’ve ranted enough about those money sucking humps.

We suspect that it’s not about the school you go to but what you do when you get there. College is a strange place where hard work, determination and the recklessness of youth collide head-on at a three-way intersection. What you do there with the short amount of time you spend there must have a greater impact than the name on the front of the main building. College can provide a whole host of great lessons and memories that stay with you for your whole life assuming, of course, that you don’t wipe them away with the drinking.

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