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World’s Greatest Student Finishes High School, College at 16


grace bush

Remember all the long, hard years that you put into earning your high school diploma and college degree and all the fun you missed out on during your teenage and young adult years? You might not want to read this story because it’s going to make you very mad. A 16-year-old girl in Miami has finished both her high school and college coursework and earned diplomas for both as part of a special dual enrollment program.

Grace Bush is officially a high school and college graduate and she’s not even 18-years-old. She was part of a special program at Florida Atlantic University that enrolls high school students in college courses at the same time and allows them to get the college credit they need to get their degree. It’s a smart way of giving advanced students a chance to skip ahead and save some money on tuition at the same time. We also should have warned those of you with overpriced student loans not to read this story either.

Grace picked up a degree in criminal justice and now that she’s done with high school and college, she plans to get a master’s degree and attend law school. Her ultimate ambition is to become the first female chief justice of the US Supreme Court. Grace’s drive to earn both degrees before she’s even a legal adult is very admirable and inspiring but she really cheated herself out of a true college experience. Getting a degree is fine and all, but you haven’t really graduated from college until you’ve attended your first kegger and woken up with half of an eyebrow missing. She’s still pretty young though so there’s still time for her to get her “true” college education.

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