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Is Your School Your State’s “Most Desirable” College?


Most Desirable College by State

Every state has a four-year school that American students dream about attending–at least, before they can even understand concepts like hangovers and crushing student-loan debt. Now a website has compiled these most beloved colleges by state, and put them together in a special map. organized the map of the country’s “Most Desirable Colleges” using data from the National Center for Education Statistics. The map includes most of the state universities like the University of Texas, Colorado University and Ohio State as well as some Ivy League Schools like Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and Brown University in Rhode Island. The website also offered a larger map so you could see all the tiny northeastern states’ most popular schools without having to squint your eyes and find a magnifying glass in your junk drawer.

However, there were a couple of surprises in the list of the most desirable schools. Massachusetts, for instance, didn’t pick Harvard University and instead went with Northeastern University possibly because unbelievably high tuition rates and snooty A-listers aren’t on anyone’s list of what constitutes a good time. Oklahoma also threw us a curve ball by going with Oklahoma State University instead of The University of Oklahoma. We’re not saying that one institution is better than the other or that one deserves to be the state’s most desirable college. We just assumed that OU would win the battle because it’s the bigger school. After all, the South likes everything bigger: their food, their waistlines, their obesity and diabetes rates.

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