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Black Keys’ New Video Gets The ‘Televangelist’ Treatment [VIDEO]


Is it just us or do you think the Black Keys have been watching a little too much True Detective? In the bluesy duo’s newest single, “Fever,” lead singer Dan Auerbach plays a creepy, sweaty televangelist preaching to the masses.

The video is directed by Theo Wenner and is yet another weird Keys video. The good news is this one won’t make you puke. Throughout the vid, Auerbach preaches, while drummer Patrick Carney nods in the background, occasionally sipping on some booze. At the end of it, everyone jumps up and feels the spirit-which in this case, would be the great new song by the Black Keys. Don’t try calling the number, by the way. It just goes to a very strange recording of a man asking someone to release an album…

The band’s newest album is Turn Blue, and drops on May 13. We’re never disappointed with these guys.

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