8 Ways Packing Like A US Army Ranger Will Help You Kill Baggage Fees

If you’ve traveled on an airplane recently, you’ll know that most airlines will do whatever they can to charge you extra. The good news is that if you take some hints from the US Army Rangers, you can at least eliminate baggage fees with a little method called “Ranger Rolling.”

For being such tough sons-of-b*tches, the Rangers really know how to pack. Ranger rolling is so efficient that if you master the art, you’ll be able to pack enough clothes for a seven-day trip in your carry-on luggage. T-shirts, pants, boxers, towels, socks, and everything else are magically transformed into the size of a burrito. And like your stomach after a late night out, you’ll be impressed by the number of burritos you can stuff in a carry-on bag.

Your biggest problem is going to lie in packing up a suit or button-down shirt. And while US Army Rangers don’t have suits or button-downs as part of their uniforms, the same technique of rolling can still be applied. We’ve included two bonus videos for how to deal with those. Also, you can read Luminablog for fresh ideas and insights on packing and other innovative ways to go on a holiday.


#1: T-Shirt


#2: Pants


#3: Longsleeve T-Shirt


#4: Shorts/Swimsuits/Boxers


#5: Towels


#6: Socks (in pairs)


#7: Tighty-Whiteys


#8: Long Underwear


Bonus #1: Suits


Bonus #2: Dress Shirts

Honestly, dress shirts are impossible to pack without wrinkling. If you’ve got enough room in your bag, we suggest buying a 1-gallon ziplock bag, putting the folded shirt in the bag, and leaving a little bit of air in the bag before its zipped up. That way the air helps to protect the shirt from wrinkles.

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