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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Who’s Up For Some Mini Beer Pong? [Links]


mini beer pong

Who’s up for some mini beer pong?

We already have 2 beer pong tables here at the COED office, but what about when we have to leave to go to meetings? That’s when we need one of these mini beer pong tables…perfect for the beach, your studio apartment, and yes, meetings. According to our friends over at Brosome, these things are handcrafted in my home state of Minnesota, and 5% of each purchase is donated to Engineers Without Borders, so you’re actually being a good person by purchasing one. My only issue with it is the 1-ounce cups…might have to replace the beer with whiskey.

And what do ya know, our vapid little intern also forgot to post these other awesome links, so I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure you aren’t missing out. Enjoy…


Meet Europe’s dirtiest man. He sleeps in a bed of ashes [Huffington Post]


Sports Jeopardy is coming! [Extra Mustard]

kentucky derb

Beginner’s guide to the Kentucky Derby [Maxim]


Game and T.I. have an INTENSE standoff with LAPD [TMZ]

mariah for terry

Mariah Carey poses for Terry Richardson [Drunken Stepfather]

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