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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Frank Caliendo Is Jon Gruden & More [Links]



Frank Caliendo takes Jon Gruden to Gruden’s QB camp [Extra Mustard]

Frank Caliendo is well-known for his impersonations. Up until now my favorite one was his John Madden impersonation, but thanks to our friends over at Extra Mustard, we can now see Caliendo’s uncanny Jon Gruden impersonation. This ESPN video shows the coach-turned-announcer face off against himself in his popular “Gruden’s QB Camp” segment, and the results are wonderful. Caliendo nails Gruden’s simultaneous fascination and frustration on topics ranging from rewinding to gibberish play calls. It’s well worth a viewing.

And here are some more interesting links that our vacuous intern neglected to post. Enjoy!


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bin laden bar

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