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The 10 Funniest Earth Day Tweets



In case you missed it- Earth Day was yesterday. As much as we enjoyed celebrating actual Earth day itself, we were really fascinated with how much the twitterverse blew up over it.

The hashtag #EarthDay was all over the place and we were thankful that Comedians took to their keyboards. After scouring through too many tweets, here were the top 10 best Earth Day tweets out there…


1. Kid Rock killed Twitter with this one. Although he may have forgotten an essential comma. We think…


2. If only there was a holiday for each planet.

Snap 2014-024-23 at 13.58.09

3. Littering and…


4.Comedians really had a field day with this holiday…


5. Valentine’s Day and Earth Day might both just be corporate shams


6. Equal rights for all trees.


7. Holly Combs makes a very good point…


8. Ironically, he made our list.


 9. The best kind of recycling?

Snap 2014-04-23 at 1343.58.28

10. Mars was never known as the nicest planet.

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