Norwegian Slow TV Is Coming To Your Living Room…Slowly [VIDEO]

Tired of action-packed shows like Game of Thrones? Need a little relaxation from all the mayhem? Then get excited for Slow TV–which started out in Norway as a kind of thing where the networks would just air something like a fire for a few hours. Yes, we know that some American television channels do that as a Yule Log gag on Christmas Eve, but this would be like a typical evening’s programming. Or maybe you’ll just watch birds hop around a stage for a while. That’s what Norwegian-style Slow TV is all about.
And it could very well be coming to America–most likely to the TLC network, since the concept has been purchased by the producers of The Little Couple. This isn’t some new low for American television, though. Slow TV can actually be kind of educational. There’s no narration or anything, but check out over three hours of slow television right here, as you enjoy a train ride and see a lot of land that you’ve never seen before. The tunnels can go on a little too long, but such is the nature of slow television. It’s certainly better than television for the slow-minded. We just can’t decide where this fits on the spectrum of Idiocracy….

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