Green Bay Packers Fans Can Now Find Love Online

Green Bay, Wisconsin isn’t the warmest place in the world, and going out to find a date during those cold winter months can be a problem. However, there’s now a solution with is an actual dating website for Packers fans looking for love. There are dating sites everywhere, of course, but this is the one for those diehard Packers fans who want to get a date.
Is the idea great? Absolutely. Everyone deserves love and deserves to find someone that they will be happy with. The number of single Packers fans out there have to be high, so why not let them find a way to get another Packer Backer on their side to love? This could become the next, and inspire every sports team to have a dating site for their fans. We’ll still note that the couple pictured above didn’t meet through the site. GreenBayPackersLovers doesn’t even launch until next month–but those two Packers fans sure make a good case for signing up as a member.

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