Could You Pass the New SAT Exam?

The standardized test that every adult told you would make or break your entire life back in high school is undergoing some changes. Here’s your chance to take it for a test drive and mourn (or be relieved) over what might have been.
The people behind the Standardized Aptitude Test, better known as the dreaded SAT, is being revamped in some places to present a more level playing field for students that come from different economic backgrounds. Today, they released a preview of what parts of the exam will look like when high school students start taking it in the coming years. The most noticeable difference is the lack of questions about $10 words like “obdurate” and “crepuscular” that people only seem to use if they’re trying to impress nerdy chicks or fake their way into an exclusive yacht club cocktail party.
Instead, students will take reading comprehension quizzes in which they are required to read a long passage and answer questions based on the materials they just read. There is also a bigger emphasis on word problems in the math section that require algebraic functions such as “James drank 5x number of vodka tonics in a two hour period. How long will it take to get his stomach pumped if the ambulance is traveling at 30 mph?”
They’ve even posted an interactive quiz filled with some sample questions so you can take the test and realize how you’ve squandered your high school education in the comfort of your own home. We know we wouldn’t pass it because we somehow used the word “obdurate” in a sentence without knowing its intended meaning.

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