Kayvon Edson: Boston's Biggest Loser & (Surprise!) Art Student [VIDEO]

We have mixed feelings about giving a creep like Kayvon Edson any attention at all–although he’s notably creepy as the moron who caused a ruckus in Boston yesterday with some “performance art” involving a fake terrorist threat on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. As a quick recap, Kayvon dolled himself up and walked around shouting “Boston Strong!” before leaving unattended packages that held a rice cooker and confetti. The cops had to detonate the packages, and lots of people in Boston would like to do the same to this dolt.
But we mainly just want to note that Kayvon Edson is very typical. Every college town has a local idiot who’s still a student (in Kayvon’s case, reportedly at the Fashion Institute of Technology) who’s starved for attention and annoying the locals with pathetic performance art. People patiently put up with them and hope that the sad sacks don’t eventually go psycho and take a bunch of children hostage in an elementary school. (That’s what happened once with a typical local loser in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.)
There’s nothing special about Kayvon, and he’d be a jerk just for walking around and shouting “Boston Strong!” in a spoof of what he considered to be local jingoism in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Add in the rice cooker, though, and Kayvon goes beyond a desperate bid for attention. The good news is that Kayvon has managed one achievement. There are plenty of similar artist-types who are now out to defend Kayvon, and that’s a good opportunity for doing some spring cleaning over anybody that you don’t want to consider an acquaintance.
Also, Kayvon is now the biggest art-school douchebag we’ve ever seen, replacing that drunk Cincinnati student in an episode of Cops who’d spray-painted “I have a vision and I’m going to see it through” on a wall before pretentiously fawning for the police who showed up to arrest him. That idiot was wearing a Cramps t-shirt, which probably took a year off Lux Interior’s life. Kayvon probably isn’t a Cramps fan. This video of his is strictly Depeche Mode territory…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zoi0TSiFzc]

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