Arkansas State Football Coach Auction Tops Out At $11,700

Arkansas State

As we’ve reported earlier, the Arkansas State football program had an eBay auction to allow a fan to coach the team’s spring game. Now we have the winning bid–which came in at $11,700, courtesy of an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He has no ties to the program, either, which will make this experiment very interesting to watch.

What will this team’s plays look like? The winner, Nick Bhardwaj, is the CEO of a gaming company out of San Francisco–so will all the plays look like a video game? Is he going to be having his team going on fourth down with 35 yards to go? Will there be a 70-yard field goal? We’re sure hoping for at least one of those scenarios. After all, everyone wants their chance to be Coach For A Day on an actual field instead of a video game. Bhardwaj gets his chance this Friday night. The results could be the start of a new trend in college football.

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