What’s On Tap This Weekend: Big Boss Brewing’s Night Knight


Throughout the year, different cities and towns have either Beer Weeks or Beer Months, depending on the location. So in North Carolina a place that is beer drunk, April’s a month long celebration of beer! Between Raleigh’s World Beer Festival, to the Beer and Bacon Festival, it seems that everywhere in NC there’s an event going on revolving around beer. I was fortunate to try this brew during a tap takeover at a local pub; this weekend Big Boss Brewing’s Night Knight Black IPA is What’s on Tap.

To start with, Big Boss Brewery Company (in Raleigh, North Carolina) is awesome because their beers are awesome. But it totally helps that all of their brews derive from American Bomber planes. Their taproom is loitered with black and white pictures of bombers and fighter planes. My favorite name is “Deuces Wild,” named because the last three digits of the tail number were “222.”

Night Knight is a seasonal Black IPA full of flavor and well balanced. Before sipping Night Knight, I pickup smells of earthy characteristics and roasted coffee. Even though it’s an IPA, Night Knight has flavor characteristics of a brown ale; malts, nuts, and roasted nutty notes. The beer also has a smoky flavor character that makes it very drinkable. But what I love the most about Night Knight is its hoppy bitter IPA like finish.

I am enjoying my Night Knight with a hamburger, ground beef (15% fat content), topped with blue cheese. The burger cheese combo should accentuate the beer’s malty smoke characteristics while the bitter finish and cheese flavor should complement each other nicely. The prefect meal for a great spring weekend!

Beer Stats:

Black Indian Pale Ale / American Dark Ale / Cascadian Black Ale
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6.75%
Color: Black

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