Power Up Your Body With the Konami Code Workout [VIDEO]

konami code

Gamers aren’t the healthiest bunch, but a fitness expert may have come up with a way for even the most sedentary button masher to get in shape. All they have to do is cram the Konami Code into their workout.

Steve Kamb of NerdFitness.com came up with a clever way to help the gaming generation get in shape by developing a workout routine that utilizes the infamous cheat code from the classic NES game Contra. Kamb’s action plan is pretty simple. It involves doing a series of aerobic and muscle building exercises that are easy to remember because they mimic the movements of the Konami Code (two ups, two downs, left, right, left, right, B and A).

Of course, we all know that “Start” technically isn’t part of the code. That’s just the button you push after you enter the code to start the game, but if you’re used to ending with the “Start” button, you can still insert it into the workout plan. Just think of it as “starting” a new life of health and strength or the “start” of extreme muscle soreness.

It’s actually a very clever way to remember a really good workout that you can do just about anywhere even if you’re extremely out of shape. We just wish that it didn’t connect directly to the original Contra. We’ve got nothing against the game. In fact, we have many fond memories of the challenge and fun it gave us in our youth. It’s just that the two main characters, Mad Dog and Scorpion, look so chiseled and strong that it can be a little intimidating in your head when you’re trying to eek out your 10th pushup.

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