Jon Stewart’s Send-Off to Colbert Was the Definition of Class [VIDEO]

Last night’s episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report had a lot of buzz after the world learned that Stephen Colbert will replace Late Show host David Letterman when he retires in 2015. Jon Stewart responded with some Daily Show commentary that portrayed the usual level of honor and dignity that he’s brought to the show all these years.

Stewart opened his show with the news of the Colbert/Letterman announcement–starting by playing a short clip of Colbert’s time as a correspondent on The Daily Show, and what those contributions had originally brought to the show. Colbert, of course, was one of the show’s longest serving correspondents–who actually got his start way back when Craig Kilborn was in the anchor’s chair . Stewart then announced the news that we already knew and wished him well with a hearty “Godspeed” to both men, and got on with the show…

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Of course, this wasn’t an official goodbye. Colbert has about eight months left on his Comedy Central show before Letterman hands The Late Show over to the new host. It was still bittersweet–and a moment that Stewart has gotten very experienced in handling. Jon has been on the show for almost 15 years. He’s said goodbye to correspondents such as Steve Carrell, Rob Riggle, and John Oliver. That last one, of course, recently left for his own show on HBO in the wake of guest-hosting The Daily Show while Stewart went off to direct a movie. Those goodbyes have all been the right mix of funny and respectful. We’re wishing that we could hire Jon Stewart for the next time that we have to leave a job or break up with a girlfriend.

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