Jack Bauer is Back in This "24: Live Another Day" Trailer [VIDEO]

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8b3I1fDjN4?rel=0&w=600&h=338]

Jack Bauer is about to make his big comeback to television with the release of 24: Live Another Day–and Fox is teasing his return with a flashy movie-style trailer.
This time, we get to learn a little bit more about what Jack’s been up to and why he’s suddenly out of hiding and causing all sorts of mischief for the people he used to work for (or is he?). This time, the CIA catches up to Bauer in London and begin to make their move on him but a threat surfaces that involves the President, this time played by William Devane.
Of course, Bauer has the information that could probably end the whole plot but that’s no fun for a show that’s supposed to take place in 24 hours. So a game of cat and mouse begins between the CIA, Jack and anyone who gets in his way. Who knows where it will lead when the show kicks off on May 5th, except to an unhealthy acceptance of torture and interrogation techniques?
24 may have been one of those shows that wore out its welcome, but we’re actually really looking to seeing another round of Jack and company–even if it’s in the form of a limited special event. It’s like catching up with an old friend that you haven’t been able to reach for a long time. There are just so many questions we hope it will answer like where he’s been all this time, what he’s been up to, and how big of a fashion statement is going to come out of that stylish black hoodie.

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