Dallas Mavericks’ Public Address Announcer Suspended Over Twitter Use

Dallas Mavericks Twitter

The public address announcer’s job is to keep the fans in the stadium informed on what is happening during the game. Dallas Mavericks PA announcer Sean Heath, however, took it to the next level, going on Twitter to complain about the officiating during a Mavericks’ loss to the Golden State Warriors. The NBA didn’t take too kindly to that and suspended Heath for two games.

Heath implied in one tweet that games like the one against the Warriors is why the NBA has a “reputation that the games are rigged.” There’s a line that can’t be crossed–but, yeah, Heath went skipping across it at the speed of social media. There’s good reason to be angry that the team lost a critical game late in the season, but some emotions can’t be voiced on Twitter.

Heath will miss the final game of the regular season, along with either the team’s first home playoff game or the regular season home opener next year. Hopefully Heath has learned that voicing your complaints outside of social media is the smartest way to go.


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