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Arizona Diamondbacks Running Out Of Supersized Corn Dog


Arizona Diamondbacks D-Bat Dog

The Arizona Diamondbacks introduced an 18-inch corn dog stuffed with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and bacon a few weeks ago–and, not surprisingly, there were plenty of fans who wanted to try the supersized snack. The problem is that sales have been so good that the team has run out of the item, and are hoping to have more in stock when the team returns home on April 11.

The “D-Bat” also comes with fries and sells for $25 and the team has had to hold back on selling the corn dog full force because so many people want to buy it. It is marketing genius as long as you have enough to keep selling them. The Diamondbacks are going to need to work on that. There have been so many different large concession items announced around Major League Baseball this season that the selections are endless.

The Texas Rangers have a two-foot hot dog with Asian-spiced beef while the Chicago White Sox have their three-pound, 12-scoop sundae. The items are going to keep showing up as long as customers want them. The supersized baseball food world continues to expand just like the fans’ waistlines.

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