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The Teen Who Sued Her Parents Just Copped a $56,000 Scholarship



Remember the  teenage girl who, um, tried to sue her parents for college money–but ended up dropping the suit? Well she just scored a $56,000 scholarship to Western New England University.

Canning originally wanted her parents to pay for her first-choice school of the University of Vermont–where she had a $20,000 scholarship offer. However, she’s now decided to attend Western New England University after their huge scholarship offer. Her plan is to major in biomedical engineering. “Decision made,” she wrote on March 30. “WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ scholarship.” The university also said in a statement that the scholarship will spread over four years, meaning Canning would get $14,000 per year toward tuition. Not too shabby, Canning.

So, is the moral of all this that you can be a bratty little teenager who tries to sue her parents and actually end up getting away with it? Apparently so. So, future college students of the world-take note. We live in a pretty messed up world.

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