Finally! Pizza and Pot Are Now One!

Marijuana and pizza have been in a kind of bromance relationship for stoners because one complements the other so well. Now that marijuana is starting to gain the same level of acceptance as pizza, someone has finally found a way to fuse the two together.
A pizzeria in Vancouver called Mega ill will take your pot and sprinkle it over a delicious pizza that can get you high and full at the same time. They don’t sell you the marijuana. You have to bring in your own stash but for an extra $10, they’ll work it into your pizza order and bake it in the oven so you can get baked while you eat it. You also have to be 18 or older to enter the restaurant and you don’t have to put your pot on your pizza since the place also doubles as a vapor room that allows its customers to toke up if they would rather just eat their pizza and get high the old fashioned way. We’re also pretty sure they’d let you do a bong hit of pizza once they figure out a way to stuff it down in there without ruining the bong.
Just like Colorado and Washington, Vancouver also voted to allow its citizens to legally smoke and carry marijuana earlier this month. Putting it on a pizza, however, is just a genius idea. Marijuana is an herb just like oregano or basil except, of course, that oregano and basil can’t make you taste colors when it reacts with your bloodstream (and believe us, we’ve tried it, the high isn’t nearly as enjoyable and you smell like a Sbarro for a full week).

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