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Fake School Shooting Call: Dumbest April Fools Joke in Dumbass History



April Fools’ Day may have been full of all sorts of hilarious gags that caught people off-guard–but there’s usually one joker in the bunch who does something that less of a joke and more of a felony. This year, a woman in South Carolina topped that list by creating a stir with a fake school shooting.

Police charged and arrested Angela Timmons in connection with a false report concerning a school shooting at her daughter’s school. Timmons’ daughter actually made the 911 call but it all started because the mother sent her a text message that told her that “shots had been fired at the campus.” The daughter told police that she tried to text her mother back to get more information but when she didn’t answer, she decided to play it safe and call police. Deputies rushed to the school presuming the worst but they found nothing wrong and no active shooter on campus. Police reached out to the student who made the call and learned through subsequent interviews with her and her mother that the mom was just trying to pull a hilarious April Fools’ prank. Police didn’t find the prank all that funny and charged her with disturbing a school campus.

We get and prefer parents who play tricks on their kids and vice versa and we even understand when they take it to a line that most hipster parents would even dare approach for fear of “stunting” some kind of growth of their child. However, the mother in question didn’t really think this one through. That’s probably because it involved the word “thinking.”

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